Day 6

The last day. It began following on from the day before. The participants had time to finalize their activities and then came time to play. The first game was in couple and about music and country. People had to repeat what the couples before said and said something more. The second game and the third were mime games. The fourth was a story game with some people in the middle playing what the other around were saying and the last one was a trial game with one lawyer, one accused, one person against the accused and the public in which some people were for the accused and some against. After each activity was a reflection time about how some things in the game could be in another way to improve it based a lot on the feelings of the participants.

After the energizer on the beginning of the afternoon came the time to speak about after the training course. First the participants were in national group to present their organization to the other. Then came the individual reflection time about which project I would like to develop in my organization. Sharing time in which everybody met everybody to know what the other would like to do and to create interest team work to think more about some projects like sport or cooking.

After thinking about the organizations, time to think about itself according to the youth pass. So came the time to think about what the participants learnt during this training course, in group or alone, it was up to them.

Final evaluation for everybody in the last circle of the training course in which we had to say the last things that we wanted to share with the group throwing a string created a web which connected all the group. There were a lot of thanks from everybody to everybody.

Last dinner and the evening started by a presentation of Czech foods and drinks for the farewell party. Then each participants received the certificate of the training course. Each participants had the certificate of somebody else and had to describe this person before to give it to it. It was a moment full of emotion.

The evening continued by some games like to dance in couple on a piece of paper and then with a balloon to finish by singing songs in two team, girls against boys, according to one word which had to be in the song.

This last day was filled with emotion and people enjoyed a lot the last evening together!

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Day 5

Today we visited the Coworking cetre Viva Ostrava where we had our programme.
The day was focus on the participation, citizenship and active involvement of young people together with creation of the new indoor tools, activities.

The participants thought about “youth participation”, how to they understand it, what could be the definition, what is their experience, their reality and which key words would it specify. Starting from pair going into 2 bigger groups participants preferred to characterize the “youth participation” by main key words.

The participants had opportunity to explore the participation through different models which open them different perspectives of meaning of “youth participation” critical view to participation of young people in their community, participation of themselves and interesting new points of view.

“Four participation areas” brought connection and need to think wider, awareness about politics and policy as economical areas competing the more common one in European youth field as the cultural and social ones are.

The model “RMSOS” was very new for whole group and introduced the condition important to be ensured for the young people for their participation and empowering them. The participants discussed in small groups each condition separately.
IMG_5179 IMG_5178

There were mentioned couple of models and resources on participation.
The participants completed the brainstorming flipcahrt from the beginning of the session for new key words they explored, figured out, realized during the session.

Aftre the break were the participants very actively involved in very short and dynamic activity of creating one flowers by four group with different language and belief, e.g. bla, bli, ble, blu and small, big, different, invisible. The participants were very productive, creating and destroying the steps of flower. This activity was reflected as an examples of the activity aiming different issues and possibilities to work on and guide the participants to.

Presentation of the “project thinking – project logic” (why, what, when, where, who + how) was combined with the main criteria and categories for the creation of the activity. Important aspect are: needs, objectives, target group, space, material, resources, any unexpected issues, etc.)

Work on activities in four groups started! Let’s keep the fingers crossed for new tool!!!

The afternoon was closed with the reflection in pairs using new handout to support the reflection and learning outcomes.

Saturday evening had the participants free time to explore Ostrava further, disconnect and enjoy informal time together.

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Day 4

The day began taking some buses to go to Landek Park, the largest mining museum in Czech Republic. The visit began by a train turn outside the mine. It was a small train used before by the miner. By group, the participants went in an elevator which miners used to go in the mine. Thanks to the visit and the guide the participants could learn a lot of things about the life in the mine and understand better the condition of work inside it. The second part of the visit was outside the mine, in the museum of the mine, where the guide explained more about how the miners were rescued. Some participants enjoyed a lot to care the oxygen stuff which was really heavy.

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After the mine, the day continued by taking bus again and trolley bus. The participants had the opportunity to try the different kind of common transports in Czech Republic, especially the trolley bus that most of the participants don’t have in their countries. And direction the Viewing Tower of the New Town City Hall on the top of which we can see a beautiful view of Ostrava.

Here is the link for more information about the tower:

After all those visits came the time lunch which everybody was waiting for, in a commercial centre, followed by a free time in Ostrava where everybody was free to do what it wants. Some of people stayed in the commercial centre and some other visited more the city.

Dinner time and second board game evening. But this time the participants could played longer game like Dixit or Fantoma.

This day outside was a quite tiring day but to go in the city centre seemed to give energy to everybody to continue the training course.

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Day 3

A third day which was as full as the other days. The morning was dedicated to different workshops, fast and easy to do with children, about recycling, juggling and using natural materials like to make a wallet thanks to a fruit juice carton, bracelets, balls and natural colour imprint. The participants enjoyed a lot the juggling and trained most of them trained themselves during each day break. After those workshops came a performing time, in group, and each group had to do a short performance according to: a public, a way of performing and a topic (ex: for children, theatre, terror).

The afternoon began by a short presentation of some fast and easy activities about recycling following on from the morning workshops to do with children. And then the participants played a short game about animals’ family to make three groups of work. Those three groups had to do a promoting video about: participation, citizenship and indoor tools. Each group had two hours and half to do it. The time was running really fast and most of the groups were not ready in time. But the final of all the videos was quiet good according to the time which was gave.

The evening was based on board games. The participants could play Dooble (speed game), Timeline (historical game), Cardline (geographical game) and Rhythm (rhythmic game). We could hear a lot of laugh in the room which was nice.

A big day in which the participants were more responsible of the activities.

Day 2

This second day began by one energizer named Card Line to be ready for the day followed by a reflection time about the role of the youth workers. It was in national team first, then each person introduced itself, then came the short presentation of each country to finish by a team work focus on some kind of youth worker’s presentation.

The afternoon was focus on indoor activities based on the following topics: communication, cooperation, confidence and dynamism.

After each topics participants had the opportunity to think about the aim of those kind of activities. Some things what was said in the discussions were that those kind of games were good for the teambuilding, to relax, to understand better disabilities people even if it could be scaring (for the trust games) and that the communication was really important.

After dinner went the time for participants to share some games like “Blind face”, “The Ring”, “Hot/Cold”, “Write and draw” and “Light painting”.

This day was a big day during which participants could learn a lot of different kind of games and also know better the different kind of youth works.

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